September 2022, Cairo, Egypt


On its way of growth and development, MasrPay has successfully followed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. In other words, MasrPay is now PCI international certified, which opens new ways of investing and business development.

PCI certificate allows MasrPay to provide its clients with authentic, secure, and safe payment methods directly operated by its part. For more suitability, MasrPay can provide any merchant or business owner with offline and online payment methods, which are more likely to fit any business module.

For instance, Masrpay now can provide any merchant, storekeeper, or trader with its own Point Of sales Machine (POS), dealing with many banks in Egypt in order to complete the transaction successfully.

On the other hand, MasrPay is also authorized to offer any e-commerce trader a secure and safe online payment gateway that fits his business moderation.

Out of this development, MasrPay is keen to make the process as fast as possible. Therefore, when any merchant makes the deal to have a POS machine, it would be received within 48 hours, no longer.

However, when the deal concerns an online payment gateway, the merchant would receive his dashboard and would have access to make a test until the bank gives the final approval.

The PCI certificate creates more business opportunities for MasrPay or its clients. Accordingly, MasrPay is now in the seek to make many new partnerships with several banks to make it even better.