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A new digital direction is taking place in our selling and buying. Now a digital Invoice is a must. We at MasrPay can provide you with a whole system to generate your invoices digitally and notify your client in no time; it’s all through MasrPay e-invoice.

Add Clients

You can add new clients all the way, whether individuals or groups, through the MasrPay dashboard most easily and smoothly.

Add Products

As easy as possible, adding new products to your list is through your MasrPay dashboard, which will facilitate your selling process.

Anti-hack security

It’s safe and secure; the MasrPay invoice system and dashboard are protected with a complicated anti-hack system, guaranteeing your information confidentiality against any breach attempt.

Pay VAT online

Paying VAT monthly is now easier and more practical; you can pay it online through a safe and secured payment method.

Upload Invoices

You can upload your recent invoices manually easily, whether adding one by one or uploading an excel sheet to your dashboard.

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