Extensive Reporting

Track, monitor, and manage your customer’s payments and get real time data on your inventory, transactions, and customer payment behaviour.

Omnichannel Gateway

A single setup to accept, process, and monitor digital payments for businesses in the Middle East. Boost your revenue as you offer the payment methods most relevant to your market.



Secure card payments through the world’s most renowned networks allowing customers from all over the world to complete both one-time and recurring payments.

Mobile Wallet

Tap into your customers’ user behavior and allow them to pay you through their mobile phones. Accept mobile wallet payments online and reach millions of customers without online-enabled cards.


Accept fully supports cash payments and allows you to digitize cash without ever missing out on sales opportunities. In a cash-based economy, digital cash is King.


For a wider market share, you should fit the market available payment methods and provide easy access for your customers to pay you. Localize your sales channels through one setup for payment methods relevant to your market.

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Point of Sale (POS)

Payment Gateway Integration

7asebny Payment Link

Reconciliation SDK

MasrPay e-Invoice

Turning to the e-Invoice system is no longer an option; therefore, we offer you a whole system with many more features to facilitate running a business according to the new digital concept.


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