July 2022, Cairo, Egypt.


Are you ready for Digital Transformation Innovation?

This is exactly what we are celebrating here.

We would like to announce our latest participation with EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development under the project name “Digital Transformation maturity assessment for SMEs,” which focuses on conducting Digital Transformation awareness workshops and promoting the importance of digitalization in businesses that took place at Cairo by July 2022.

MasrPay joined to innovate the awareness phase as well as the assessment discussion to improve our digital transformation with the support of EBRD.

Our Digital assessment has shown a high maturity level of results for business development, customer engagement, and technology management. MasrPay achieved highly agile based on the butterfly index, reaching level 3 of maturity.

Our technology management pillar assessment also showed great impact regarding adopting e-invoices, mobile apps, and integration across different data sources while showed up fair maturity in disaster recovery, digital strategies, and work collaboration environment.

MasrPay always supports achieving new goals and innovations in the market and looking forward to the future, enabling collaboration with EBRD.