Your invoices will be generated as easy as pressing a button while reaching your clients in no time, whether you’re dealing with individuals or corporates. Check out MasrPay e-Invoice features.

Submit Invoices

Generate certified e-invoices with QR codes invoices easily, and submit them to your customers whether through an SMS for individuals or a customized dashboard for corporates.

Send Invoices To Tax Authority

Save a lot of time and effort as your invoices are directly connected to the Egyptian Tax Authority. Invoices are certified with QR Codes as required.  

More Features

Upload Invoices

You can upload your invoices manually one by one, or by uploading an excel sheet easily.


You’ll be able to customize your system, you can add new customers, products, and services, or customize a dashboard to fit your clients.

Invoice Payment Gateway

Send the invoice to your customer through an SMS with a payment link, so they can pay easily online or by the nearest POS machine.

Pay VAT Online

Through MasrPay e-Invoice system you’ll be able to pay your VAT monthly through a secured online payment method.

Get Notified

A notification system dedicated to let you know right on time if any edits or updates occurred in your dashboard, or if any invoice amendment is required. 

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