e-Seal & e-Invoice


Egypt Trust has launched a new partnership with MasrPay to provide you with an integrated service of seal and invoice.

الختم الإلكتروني

Now, you can have an integrated e-invoice system to connect your invoices to the Tax authority, in addition to e-seal that’s required to complete your papers, through one bundle!

According to new laws and regulations stated by the Tax authority, this partnership guarantee you the following: 

Upload Invoices

Upload your invoices online through MasrPay e-invoice system.


Protection against any hack attempt through Egypt Trust e-seal.

Connect your invoices

Connect your invoices immediately to the Tax authority.

Pay VAT Online

Pay VAT easily online.

e-invoice plus an e-seal system.

Stick to new laws and regulations of having an e-invoice plus an e-seal system.

Get the e-Seal and e-Invoice Bundle Now!