September 2022, Cairo, Egypt.

Along with the government’s new updates, MasrPay & Egypt Trust are collaborating to offer business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporates a cutting-edge solution to cope with the new terms and laws.

The collaboration is taking place between MasrPay and Egypt Trust, taking a serious part in this financial document’s liberation.

As per the latest enactment of laws, now every business, shop, corporate, or any commercial activity should be submitted with an E-Invoice and delivered to the Tax authority on the spot.

Though these formal documents should be sealed, which guarantees security and identity protection, and this is what the government asks as a mandatory requirement along with the E-Invoice, is to have a digital seal.

MasrPay and Egypt Trust are making this collaboration to close the cycle for any business owner, whatever his business size is, to offer a complete service.

MasrPay is taking part in the E-Invoice, while Egypt Trust offers the digital seal service.